Govt of India Approved International Manpower license no B1335/DEL/PER/1000+/5/9557/2019

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We Set The Standards Others Try to Live Up to

Zion International founded in 2014 is an ISO 9001:2015,ISO 23026:2015 , ISO 27001:2013 Certified overseas Manpower Recruitment agency. Head quarters at New Delhi and Branch offices at Mumbai. Holding Govt. of India International Manpower License no. B1335/DEL/PER/1000+/5/9557/2019 , We have Recruited 6000+ applications around the world specializing in the Healthcare sector.

We have our own Embassy approved Healthcare and Caregiver training centers at our branches.We also provide overseas education counselling and IELTS,TOEFL,OET Coaching at our branches.

We have collaborations with renowned International Manpower and Placement agencies round the globe. We provide end to end Recruitment, Staffing , Visa and immigration services to our clients. Our well qualified and experienced teams are committed towards providing hassle free services to all our patrons.

Our Vision

Zion caretaker training center was envisaged as a platform for medical students and working professionals to achieve higher success earlier in their careers. The institute was conceptualized as a medium through which students, whether they are working professionals or already enrolled in a regular course, could get broad exposure to pertinent healthcare concepts and management principles based on current industry trends. This was done to ensure that when these professionals finish their course, they have the capability to formulate policies and implement these with proven as well as innovative strategies.

While the healthcare industry is growing rapidly in India and around the world, it faces a critical challenge i.e. the need for a professional and skilled workforce. Zion caretaker training center is leading the way through solutions such as high-quality programs, technology innovations, and innovative partnerships with industry in India and abroad.

Our Mission

Zion caretaker training center was set up to provide the highest quality theoretical and practical education for nurses and working professionals who could not undertake a regular course for the same. The important thing to consider in this was that the students who join our course should be benefited by it and gets a better standing in the job market compared to other professionals and students who simply pursue their regular course. With this objective in mind, we set out to create the most comprehensive list of subjects that could be beneficial for students of various disciplines. Moreover, we always believe in Indian tradition and value system of imparting education but this had to be based on the current advances of technology, science, commerce and most importantly, the trend of demands in the society and business sphere. It is our sincere effort to bring about social progress along with harmony, peace and national integration through our learning program. We believe that making available high-quality education to all sections of society can help in bringing about the social equality and regional disparity that is stunting the growth of the nation. We manage our activities with a deep belief in the sanctity of providing relevant education to students who need it the most.

If you want to make the most of your education, it would be advisable to acquire some skills pertinent to the job market, apart from merely completing your regular course. We are able to provide that with comprehensive learning courses.

Director's message

Dear students,

welcome to zion caretaker training center. We are extremely proud of our ongoing tradition of being the leading caretaker education and training company in India. Today, we help the students excel consistently, results and this substantiates our legacy of quality as well as persistence in caretaker training, health & safety, and emergency life support.

Zion caretaker training center provides students with the skills and knowledge that allow them to succeed in today’s global environment. The institute is committed to fostering professional development by integrating rigorous institutional excellence with exposure to practical experiences. We undertake to achieve our mission under the guidance of a faculty committed to excellence in research, continuous improvement in curriculum and educational practices, and imparting relevant courses for a dynamic and global environment.

We welcome you to discover for yourself the features that make Zion caretaker training center a fountainhead of managerial talents. We pride ourselves in enabling our students with knowledge and skills that empower them to excel. As institutional and industrial input is an essential part of our curriculum, it makes me fully confident in helping you add value to your society and prove your worth. Each student is groomed and made to realize the importance of a professional and skilled workforce in today’s economy and to the nation. I heartily wish all the best to the students pursuing their studies at Zion caretaker training center for the great future ahead of them in their professional career.


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